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Curse of the Silver Screen
Was there a curse on Rosemary's Baby and what was Charles Manson's bizarre connection to the hit horror classic? Did trouble on the set of The Misfits lead to Clark Gable's death? What's the full story behind the deaths of the stars of Rebel Without a Cause? Did the filming of an epic bomb play a part in the cancer deaths of John Wayne, Susan Hayward, Agnes Moorehead and countless others?
Chronicles the troubled production tales of numerous Hollywood films and uncovers how the productions affected the lives of stars like Marilyn Monroe, Alfred Hitchcock, Joan Crawford, Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor and others. A must-read for any movie fan who loves behind the scenes stories of Hollywood movie-making.
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Cinematherapy : The Girl's Guide to Movies for Every Mood
You gotta love a movie tome that lists films under subheads that really matter. "The Handy Hunk Chart" (featuring Ralph Fiennes' and Matt Dillon's "Top Drool Pics"), "Faking It: Phony Gal Films That Really Piss Us Off (Pretty Woman, Fatal Attraction)," and "Hoopskirt Dreams: Dresses-to-Die-for Movies" (The Age of Innocence) are just a few of the helpful categorizations that make this snarky little review compilation such a hoot.
Hip, hilarious, and irreverent, and in full awareness of the healing powers of film, this fantastic guide recommends a movie to suit and soothe a woman's every possible mood.
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Saving Private Ryan, The Men, The Mission, The Movie
Photos and snippets of dialog and celebrity quotes in this tie-in book to Steven Spielberg's D-day film are a continuation of the movie by other means.The photos evince the intense empathy for the GIs that won Spielberg the allegiance of the leading historian Stephen E. Ambrose, whose stunning book Citizen Soldiers was the director's prime influence.
After seeing the film or reading this book you may not feel refreshed, but you will be enlightened.

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Chick Flicks : A Movie Lover's Guide to the Movies Women Love
Written with the flair that has made Jami Bernard one of the most influential film critics in the country, Chick Flicks is a celebration of the films women love to watch, cleverly organized into categories, such as Catfights (All About Eve), Emotional Rescue (Piano), Female Bonding (Enchanted April), Tearjerkers (Ghost), and Funny Girls (When Harry Met Sally). Illustrated with photos throughout.

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Rent Two Films and Let's Talk in the Morning
Although intended for therapists, this insightful book about using movies to illuminate our own experiences, motives, and choices is very worthwhile for families. The descriptions of movies like "Field of Dreams," "Breaking Away," and "Dead Poet's Society" provide us with thoughtful and perceptive ways to apply what we see to our own lives.
Any parent will benefit from reading this book to gain a better way of thinking about what we show our children.

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